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This pack of hair clips is made from authentic, non-used classic building blocks.  The alligator clips are perfect for any hair and the building blocks make them perfect for any playful kids or adult fans.  This pack includes 12 hair clips; Dark Purple, Yellow, Turquoise, Lime, Magenta & Orange, Red, Pink, White, Blue, Purple & Yellow.  An alligator clip holds the clip perfectly in any type of hair.  Also included is our custom printed letters & symbols pack to personalize your hair clips!  Each charm is printed on an authentic 1X1 round tile so they stick extremely well and will not fall off.  The letters pack includes 104 letters and the symbols pack includes 20 symbols!  They will also work with any other jewelry item in our collection or on any of your sets at home!

Hair Clips - 12 Pack + Charm Packs

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